Three Year Old, New Name and an Old Acquaintance

During transition there is an awkward time before fully adopting one’s new identity and beginning the “real life experience”. While I was in the stage of transition where I was living a large portion of my non-work time in my new identity I had a rather awkward experience that I now find rather amusing in retrospect.

I had been out with my friend and her 3 year old daughter. We had stopped so that my friend could pop into a drug store to pick up a few things before I dropped them off at their home. Rather than go through the contortions involved in getting her daughter out of the car seat, out of the car, corralled through the store, back to the car and into her seat I waited in the car with the little one. I don’t recall exactly what I was wearing, but it was most likely androgynous. The car was rather noticeable.

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Identification, Sex Marker and Passport Canada


Part of the process of transition, after the name change, but before one travels outside the country, is getting a new passport. Sounds simple, right? Maybe, maybe not. The application fee for a Canadian passport is currently $85 (Aug. 2011). Not a tonne of money, but noticeable when you’re on a budget. I decided to contact Passport Canada prior to applying for the passport to ensure that the gender marker on the passport would be the correct one – female.

I sent the following question to Passport Canada using their website on August 8th.

I have changed my name and have transitioned from male to female since my previous passport expired.

I would like my new passport, when I apply, to have my gender properly indicated. What will I need to provide?

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Identification, Gender Markers – being outed when showing ID.

One of the ongoing problems for transsexual people is being ‘outed’ when they show ID. When one is transitioning there comes a point where a legal name change takes place. In Ontario this means filling out an application, having a guarantor / reference attest that they know you, signing the document and having it witnessed … Read more