The ‘Official’ Beginning of my Transition

Today I saw the psych for the first time. She specializes in transgender and GID.

The session went very well and feels like a good fit. There was the usual admin to take care of, info about confidentiality, what she’s legally obligated to report etc. She also went through the whole process and what is required to have SRS covered by OHIP.

Also went through family history, medications, diseases, etc. Fortunately I’m reasonably healthy and there are not a lot of medical conditions that I’m at risk for due to inheritance. Except maybe insanity, but that’s caused by kids and I don’t have any.

Over the next few months we’ll continue sessions and upon her diagnosis for GID she will refer me to a specialist for hormone therapy. We touched on some of the risks associated with it and also about the large number who self medicate. DON’T DO IT. It’s not healthy and can seriously mess up your body.

I also have to get in the habit of excersize – something that I’m not great at doing on a regular basis. Hormones can cause muscle loss and loss of bone density. Osteoperosis would not be a good thing.


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