March Madness?

It has been an interesting five weeks.

My marriage is pretty much over, it was probably coming for some time. We’re still friends and get together every so often. Especially if she has computer problems at home 😉

My new accommodations are working out well and are comfortable. I’m still organizing things and getting used to being in a different part of Ottawa. It’s still not all that far from things and other than at rush hour getting downtown isn’t a problem.

I’ve also been helping a friend deal with an ex who is using her daughter to punish her. Can’t really go into much detail. He is an emotional vampire and abusive.

My counselling is going well and transition is moving forward at a slow but steady pace. Part of me wants it to be faster, but most of me knows it is much better to take my time. I’m living more as Talia when not working and find myself thinking as Talia more and more. Much more natural to me.


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