Moving forward…

My sessions with my Psych are going well.

Today I was talking about how I feel, confidence as Talia and that I’m thinking of myself more and more as Talia.

There is another person in the house now, renting the basement, and I introduced myself as Talia without thinking. I’m going to be introducing myself more as Talia to new people in social settings.

I’m also planning to start laser hair removal on my face soon, only factor that’s holding me back at this point are finances. I can’t wait to not have to shave my face. I’ve never particularly liked it.

I brought up the topic of my voice and speaking and she is sending in a referral to a voice therapist. She also gave some pointers on how to speak more generally in a feminine way. I was also warned off some of the tapes that are available because they can cause damage to the voice.


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