It’s All About Confidence

The past two weekends I have spent the whole weekend as Talia.

The weekend of the 18th I went with my ex to get her a new cell phone during the afternoon followed by Gender Mosaic’s monthly social. On Sunday of the weekend went to a poetry event and out for hot & sour soup afterwards.

This past weekend I went down to the market on Saturday to meet up with a friend. We went to a few shops and sat on a patio and had afternoon tea. It felt perfectly natural to be out and about as Talia. Even though I’m not all that feminine looking yet and my voice needs work I had no issues at all.

Saturday morning I actually introduced myself as Talia in a dream – first time that’s happened. I can’t recall any dream where I have introduced myself by my male name. My subconscious is pushing me forward.

At the end of the weekend I didn’t want to stop being Talia and work in my male persona. I have a feeling being fully out and living as Talia at the ‘sooner’ end of my own mental time line. I also compiled a list of people I will have to come out to either in person, via letter or by phone. Looking at the list I think there will be certain family members that will be difficult – they can’t even handle someone being gay, let alone trans.

Despite the challenges it feels great to finally be able to be ‘me’.


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