Being out and About

One of the more ‘interesting’ things I’m finding is that it’s easier to be Talia around people I haven’t met, don’t know yet.

With people one doesn’t know there aren’t really any awkward questions. Introduce myself as Talia and that’s pretty much it. With people I know there will be the questions, why, how long have you known, etc.

There is also the underlying fear of rejection. I haven’t encountered it, yet, but I’m sure there will be some. Intellectually and somewhat emotionally I’m at a point where my attitude to that is F*’em. There is still that little part that fears rejection – something we all have.

That being said, I’m not going to allow these fears keep me from moving forward. If people want to be pricks about it do I really want them as friends?


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  1. Good luck on the transition. While I’ve never been through anything that large, it was tough as nails coming out to my family that I wasn’t a Christian and that I was fiercly agnostic (leaning, if anything, toward atheism). Talking about complete insanity. But that’s what I get for growing up in the Bible Belt. I imagine there are similar struggles for you. But hopefully you’ve got a good support network?

    (And btw – thanks for plugging Fried Green Zombies at plurk!) – 🙂

    John Allen

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