Attending Church for the First Time

Today was another important milestone for me. It was the first time going to church as Talia.

(note: in the Anglican Church ordains priests and the priest in charge of a parish is the incumbent. Some parishes still use the old title “rector”. These titles are different according to church law.)

Before going I was a bundle of nerves, we had been going there prior to separation and I had only been to one early Sunday service since. We had also had a few counselling sessions with the priest. I’m finding it much easier to introduce as Talia to people in settings where I’m not known rather than where I’m known as male.

I received a warm welcome at the door by the rector as well as the greeters inside. Following the service I was approached by a parishioner who introduced herself and asked if I wanted to attend the coffee hour, a step I wasn’t quite ready to take this week.

The parish as a whole is very open and LGBT friendly and is active in the community through outreach and other programmes. I know moving forward that I will have a faith community to be a part of.


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