Adventures in Moving

I had one of the worst experiences in moving on October 1st. I had found a 1 bedroom apartment, put down first and last month rent (standard in Ontario) and got the key to the front door of the building.

The management company had asked me to go in the afternoon so that they would have the morning to clean. No problem. Sure. Riiiiiigggghhht.

Had my first load of stuff ready to go in, get to the building, open the door to the building, go to the apartment. At this point I was expecting to open the door, find an empty apartment with the keys on the counter.

What really happened was that I opened the door and found that the previous people hadn’t even packed, let alone moved.

Call management company and they ended up putting me in a temporary apartment. That apartment had no power the first night. Fortunately the neighbour had an outdoor extension cord and a high power lamp.

Ended up being two weeks before the people were out. Once they were out management had to paint the apartment, clean the apartment and re-finish the floors. They were in very bad shape and were hidden under rugs by the previous tennant. Two weeks later I was finally able to get the key.

During this month I was paying for internet in the apartment I was supposed to be in and, from talking to hydro since getting the first bill with the deposit request and account activation fee, I am responsible for the electricity from the 9th of October.

The management company moved my posessions from the temporary place to the apartment I’m in. I’m now missing one small suitcase and some kitchen items. ARRGH.


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  1. Oh wow…that is a very bad experience! I hope you now like living in your 'real' apartment!

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