Life, the Universe and Everything

I’ve been oh, so wonderful at keeping the blog up to date. In part this is because someone is trying to use the blog against me. Well, I’ll just say I’m going to be pursuing things in an appropriate venue.

That aside, life is moving forward. I am now living, working and socializing as Talia, as me. Work has been great. The company I work with has been wonderful, from the admin office, to my colleagues here in Ottawa. Clients have also been wonderful. I have not had any problems with old clients, or new.

I have been singing in the Church choir since January and it has done wonders for my voice. I am passing as female on the phone to the point of having difficulty on occasion when I have to identify myself under my male name. OOPS. Forgot to drop the voice again… The legal name change is in the works, but these things take time.

One of the big up sides to HRT is that it has really helped with my mood. Feel better than I ever have, plus I’m noticing the physical effects. As one friend said, “Who yanked the pull tabs on your chest?” These are good things. I am passing the vast majority of the time and have not had any problems while doing normal daily things. Can even make some people wibble when they realize.

In July I’m going to be going to my cousin’s wedding. This will be the first time that much of the extended family will meet the new me in person. My cousin was great when I told him and said I was quite welcome. He was more concerned that I’m ready to deal with the family. My response was that if he’s okay with it then I’m ready. After all, much better for them to meet the new me at a wedding than at a funeral.

All being said, I’m very fortunate to have good friends, family and an accepting church community. Still stresses in life, but they are quite manageable.


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