Spousal Abuse, an Epidemic.

With my transition proceeding quite well, I thought I’d expand the scope of my blog. This post is the start of an added focus on spousal abuse.

Just last week we saw this in the Ottawa news Ottawa Woman Stabbed to Death.

I know a number of women who have fled abuse. One person I know has criminal charges pending against her ex.

In 2007, nearly 40,200 incidents of spousal violence (i.e., violence against legally married, common-law, separated and divorced partners) were reported to police. This represents about 12% of all police-reported violent crime in Canada.

source: Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile

Where is our federal government’s vaunted law and order programme to help with this?

We hear about abuse in the news only when there is a death. Our society seems to ignore this. This is wrong. It also does not help that abusers do everything they can think of – to the point of insanity – to try and shut up their exes and their exes’ friends. I propose to put an end to this. They also pursue litigation for years, looking for any excuse to take their victim back in to court. This is all too common.

Some people start blogs about this, and a few people I know have considered starting new blogs. This is also a risk because there are some abusers who will target these blogs and try to demand they be removed even if there are no names mentioned and the blog is posted under a pseudonym.

Help for Victims of Violence Against Women is a resource page for those in Ottawa.

For those in Toronto The Assaulted Women’s Help Line is an invaluable resource.

2 Replies to “Spousal Abuse, an Epidemic.”

  1. Good for you for writing about this, Talia. As you point out, too many people ignore this issue. Especially our 'law & order' government. More people need to talk openly about it, the way you are here.

  2. As a counselor in a shelter for women and their children fleeing abuse, One of the most alarming facts remains that a woman is often in more danger after she leaves. Often her partner will use the legal system to stay in her life and contine abusing her.

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