Becoming more active politically

While I’ve been in Toronto this week I’ve been giving some thought to a number of things, processing and relaxing.

One decision I have made is that I am going to get more actively politically. I am now at a point where I have some energy for it. My transition is going well, no real problems – life is moving along fairly well.

Many people who transition decide to go ‘stealth’. This means that the person completely leaves behind any references to their birth gender and prior life. Often moving to another city where nobody will know who they are. A fresh start.

Prior to applying for jobs I had a decision to make, about this blog, and how open I wanted to be. Did I want to keep the blog, hide the blog, delete the blog. Hide other references and posts I’ve made since starting transition. Or what. In the end I decided that I would not try to be ‘stealth’ with those. If a prospective employer were to do a search on Google for me, they would find my blog. If I don’t get hired because of a problem with it, do I really want to work there?

Over the past month or two I’ve also been thinking about political activity. I haven’t been active much, part of that has been lack of energy, part of it concern about CAMH and reports I’ve heard from a few people about them using political activism as an excuse to deny SRS to people transitioning. I have decided not to let fear of CAMH dictate my actions.

Monday was a great panel discussion on ‘trans rights’ and the work that still needs to be done in Canada and around the world. Tonight is the Trans Rally & March downtown as part of Toronto Pride. Being active and fighting for people’s rights is not just, in this case, an issue for ‘trans people’ or people who are LGBT+. It’s a fight for everyone. I support aboriginal rights, and will say something about it, but I’m not aboriginal. It’s the same with any fight for justice and rights.

If we stand together we can accomplish change.

If we don’t stand up for what is right, the current Prime Minister and his government will roll back the clock on us and we will be going backwards.

With the provincial election coming up in Ontario, we must be vigilant and active. I fear that if the “Progressive” Conservatives get in provincially gains that have been made will also be taken back.


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  1. I hope you'll never delete or hide your blog! I love reading your updates! 🙂

    • "Ally McBeal" ran a story about a tnsarwoman called Stevie (played by Wilson Cruz if I remember aright), who was caught working the streets and Ally steps up to defend her and maybe rescue her. The writers couldn't decide if Stevie was Really Transsexual or a Pretty Gay Boy Sex Worker, so the script got confused early on and never really recovered. By the middle of the story it started to look as if she was transsexual and wanted to raise money for transition; Ally lobbied to get her a part-time job at the law firm, helped her shop for Office Appropriate Clothing, and Stevie gave the other women advice on cosmetics (Cliché 9!). By the start of the last act I really thought they were going to make her a recurring character. I should have known better; instead they went for Cliché 3 — She Just Had To Turn One Last Trick. Closing shot showed Stevie lying on a table in the morgue — but gorgeous.

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