Thoughts on the Trans Day of Remembrance

With the Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR) coming up next weekend my thoughts are drawn even more to those whom it remembers; those who come under the trans umbrella who have been the victims of violence, murder, or have taken their own lives. It is a day of remembrance. In Ottawa it is marked by a candlelight vigil at the human rights monument on Elgin.

In recent years, however, TDOR  has become more than that for the trans community in Ottawa. TDOR has become an opportunity for action and education as well. This year it is being recognized by the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Police services, the Ottawa paramedics and the city of Gatineau with flag raising ceremonies. There will also be a town hall discussion with MPP Yasir Naqvi, a local member of the provincial legislature. All wonderful opportunities to raise awareness about the trans community. There is more that can be done.
For myself I am mentioning TDOR to my friends, most of whom are not trans. I am also going beyond this and using TDOR as an opportunity to let people in my wider circles know about the violence that we face. I am inviting people to the vigil. I am inviting them to a dialogue.

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