The Salvation Army and Discrimination

With the discussions around the Salvation Army’s treatment of LGBT+ people, and in particular a shelter in Austin refusing a trans woman shelter resulting in her death, I did some digging on the Canadian Salvation Army site and found the following in their position statements:

The Salvation Army upholds the dignity of all persons. For this reason, and in obedience to the example of Jesus Christ, whose compassionate love is all-embracing, The Salvation Army does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in the delivery of its services.

I see no reference on their site except a brief mention of the event (Salvation Army Offers Safety to Winnipeg’s Sex Trade Workers) which was aimed at giving sex workers a safe place in Winnipeg. I decided to use their contact form and sent the following:


I am wondering if you provide shelter for transsexual people appropriately? For example, if a transsexual woman seeks help from a women’s shelter would you turn her away because she was born with male anatomy?

Talia Johnson.

It will be interesting to see how they respond and I will post an update if / when I get a response.

Under Canadian law, because they get funding from the government, they MUST adhere to Canadian law around discrimination. (Salvation Army Willing to Hire Gays in Canada)

This video discusses the common objections to boycotting the Salvation Army and provides a rebuttal to them.
Common Objections to Boycotting the Salvation Army

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  1. While doing some research for the story I mentioned, I also had a look at their position statements on the Canadian website. Looks all nice and loving and supportive doesn’t it? I am thinking I should get this story worked up quickly and video record it and post to my youtube channel. I look forward to hearing their reply to your inquiry…

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