Rights for Transgender and Transsexual People – February 2012

I haven’t blogged much over the past month and a half or possibly a bit longer. Life got in the way, plus being ill on and off throughout with a couple of different bugs that were making the rounds.

With all the media attention over the past few weeks around Transport Canada’s regulations that state someone who doesn’t look like the gender in their ID is not permitted to fly I thought I’d take a look at where things stand with regards to transsexual and transgender rights in Canada.

Federally we have seen the spotlight shine on Transport Canada’s regulation. There have been a number of articles and blog posts about it. One result of this regulation being put in the spotlight is that it highlights the problems that someone who transitions has in terms of having identification that reflects who they are. The importance of having a sex marker on one’s identification that matches what one looks like is much more important.

I do not claim this to be a comprehensive list of current action and welcome submissions of other activity that is going on in Canada. I will also be turning this into a permanent page on this site.

Federal Actions:

  • Bill C-279 received first reading on Wednesday September 21, 2011 and is awaiting second hearing
  • Human rights complaint against HRDC for not changing the sex designation on transgender / transsexual person’s Social Insurance file.
    UPDATE: Canadian Human Rights Commission has agreed to hear the case Thanks for the update, Christin
  • Motion to repeal section of the Air Transport Regulations was defeated in committee



  • 2009 –  against Newfoundland’s Department of Health over unnecessary obstacles to attain trans health care products and funding. the complaint was accepted, a report has been prepared, and it is now awaiting review of Commissioners to determine whether or not there will be an inquiry.



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