Reunion and Old Friends.

This weekend was the 40th anniversary of one of the elementary schools I went to, Alpha Alternative School. As I recall one of the reasons I ended up at the school was because I was refusing to go to regular schools. I had had quite a bad experience t the mainstream school I had been at previously and had quit before I turned ten years old. Being a small school where the segregation between grades was blurred almost into nothing students got to know students at all levels and ages and ages. There were also some close friendships formed that lasted after leaving the school.  Over time I lost contact with pretty much everyone I knew at Alpha.

Over the past year and a bit I have reconnected with a few people via Facebook and have been active in the Facebook group for the school and alumni. The people I connected with directly who were friends already knew about my transition and were accepting and supportive. Even with this prior contact I was nervous about how it would go. Intellectually I knew that given the progressive nature of the school and the openness that there would likely be no problems at all.  Emotionally there were all sorts of nerves and doubts. I know that for myself, even though I am out and not stealth, any time I am out and being explicit about being a woman who is transsexual I get nervous about how I will be received. In this case, as I had known intellectually that it would be, I was welcomed and accepted and I am very thankful and touched. I am quite glad that I went and pleased to be reconnected with old friends.

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