MMXIII – Looking ahead to the next twelve months.

When I look back at the goals I set for myself for 2012 I find that I was successful in a number of them, some are still in progress and some fell a tiny bit short.  All in all not too shabby given that the goals were rather ambitious.  Looking ahead to the goals I wrote down for the end of 2013 I see that what I had set down for the end of 2013 is possible to accomplish based on how 2012 went, even with finishing off some of the things from 2012.

The fall term at school was rather intense with a lot of time spent in travel from home to work and school.  I hadn’t realized when I registered for my courses how awkward a reference only library would be at school.  On weekends this meant being in the library long hours and if the last bus was missed it made for a very long night.  I’ve now moved to somewhere that is much closer to school, work and church.  I can walk to all three, although I suspect once things get busy I’ll likely take the bus to work in the mornings.  Walking places will also improve my fitness level and help with losing weight.

This term I am registered for five courses, but have given myself permission to drop one of them if the workload proves to be too much.  I’m also seriously considering taking courses in the summer to keep on schedule for when I would like to graduate.   I’ve also decided that I will give up some more things if they are too much when combined with work and school. Before the end of January balance will be achieved.

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