Planning for the short term

One of the things I was reminded of in the fall term is how important it is to know what needs doing ahead of time and to keep on top of things when things are seemingly insane.  It’s like getting on a treadmill that’s running at full speed, one has to be ready and one trip up can mess things up.  As someone mentioned, it is much like Dave in the Vinyl Cafe story “Attack of the Treadmill”.  Today when I got home I made sure to take more steps than I did before the fall term to mitigate this effect.

To this end I’ve ended up with three lists. One each for home / personal, school and work.  Some items arguably fit all three categories, but I decided to put them in a single list.  The challenge I face with to-do lists is remembering where they are put and then keeping up with them.  I’m more of a creative, intuitive, lateral thinker than I am a linear, everything in a set order all the time type of person.  Going through the lists I also realized that there are some things that aren’t so important and can be left aside.  I haven’t, yet, gone through and prioritized the lists – that’s the next step – but I did leave things off completely that are not important in the near to mid term.

I’m also still figuring out the best way to store the list so that I will see it on an ongoing basis and actually use it rather than keeping most of the items in the grey cell storage system and thus not remembering to do things at appropriate times.  Nothing quite like remembering that something needs to be done at 3AM…  I am open to suggestions from other creative, lateral thinkers about what has worked for them.  When one thinks this way, there’s no single answer that works for all creative thinkers.

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