Mind, Body and Spirit

Today I found myself reflecting on the idea of mind, body and spirit / soul being interconnected and what that has meant for me.  Prior to my transition my mind, body and spirit were not in balance and were not well.  From childhood I had problems with anger and depression.  There was also an underlying sense that there was something not right with my body, but I could not identify what.  As I reached my mid-thirties I hit an all time low with depression.  At that point I did not care much for my body’s appearance and while I was paying some attention to my spiritual life it was very much secondary as far as my overall life was concerned.  When I eventually realized what my problem was I was able to start working towards gaining a balance and health in mind, body and soul.

As I moved through the process of transition my mind and body were slowly brought in sync with one another.  This process moved forward more rapidly once I started HRT and was living as Talia more and more and then became Talia in all aspects of my life.  This was wonderful, my body and mind were working together.

There was still a problem, my spirit was still struggling.  Over time I came to realize what was wrong, I had been neglecting my spiritual side and was still trying to be someone I was not.  I realized that I needed to move away from IT work and get back to school to study theology.  I am now at a point where the three parts of myself, mind, body and spirit are coming more and more into sync and working in harmony with one another instead of at odds with each other.

As I move through my spiritual journey care for all aspects of myself will be important.  I am taking better care of my body, my mind is being nourished in my studies and as I move forward I am being much more disciplined in taking care of my spirit.  Life is much better with mind body and spirit working together instead of pulling away from each other.

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