2014 Begins with Tragedy and Hope.

Trigger Warning – Discussion of Suicide.
I haven’t been posting or spending much time at all on social media or blogging lately. In large part this has been a self-care move with the start of the Winter school term, other things going on in my personal life, and also a lack of energy for social media.

Early in the week I also saw a post about another trans person who took their own life. I suspected the person was someone I was acquainted with. I had this confirmed late on Thursday.

I pray that Amanda has found peace and that her suffering has ended. I also pray for those whom her life has touched and are hurting at this time.

I know some of the particulars and issues that led to her taking her own life, but will not go into them at this time. The issues are too important for me to write about before finding out more information and putting a lot of thoughtful consideration on how to frame things. They do need to be discussed, and not just by those in trans communities.

Every time I hear about someone taking their own life, and even more so when the person is trans, it gives me pause for thought and reflection. Emotions get triggered within and they need to be processed. This is an ongoing process and does take up energy that could be used for other things. At the same time, the emotions can be a motivator. This week has reminded me and sparked energy to be more active in pushing for positive changes. Some might see this as being something that is all about me and not the person who took their own life. There is some truth to that, emotions triggered by events are always personal. At the same time I try to look at broader issues that are involved in cases like this. At that point it’s also political and more public. The personal decision that I choose to make is that I won’t be idle. I know that I cannot help every person who engages in self harm or takes their own life. I can, however, strive to make things a little bit better and seek to make the world a place where fewer people are harming themselves.


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