Chanukkah Poem: From Darkness to Light

This poem is a reflection on Chanukkah and moving from a place of darkness to one filled with light. We each have an internal light and, all too often, we feel we don’t have enough fuel to keep it lit.

From Darkness to Light
By Talia C. Johnson

There is no light, all is darkness
Sensing the possibility of light
Stumbling, not knowing where to go
Internal light, has gone almost out
Not knowing who or what I am.

It is the first night, one candle is lit
The way is beginning to be shown
Pathways are still hidden from me
Not knowing which way to go
But that there might be a way.

Two candles are lit, two nights now
The shadows flicker, revealing hints
Paths forward teasing, enticing
Do I Dare to take the first steps?
Fear of what lies ahead hold me back.

Three candles now on fire, three nights
Paths forward are visible now
Scarier for all that they are seen
Fading to black in the distance
Do I take the step? What is the end?

I touch the flame to the four candles
Magic starts to take hold of me
The paths are illuminated
Shadows receding, concealing less
My body starts moving, still tentative.

Walked all day, now five candles burn
Shadows are not so terrifying
Seeking help on my way forward
It comes as I call out for aid
Alone, yet not alone, I rest.

As I light six candles this night
I see that the path leads to truth
My truth, beginning to shine forth
Light casting back the shadows of hate
Doors opening, showing the way on.

Seven candles are burning bright
The light within is sustaining me
No longer furtive, but confident
Moving onward, not going back
Living my truth, true to myself.

The chanakia is full, flaming
Holding the light for all to see
Inner light adding to the warmth
Others start to come forward now
Together, lighting the way for all.

Copyright Talia C. Johnson, all rights reserved.

3 Replies to “Chanukkah Poem: From Darkness to Light”

  1. Talia.
    This piece is so beautiful. As usual, thank you so much for sharing your poetry with us. I am wondering if you will ever be publishing a book of your work?
    Kohenet Sister, I hope you have a lovely Hanukkah~
    Love, Judith

    • I am currently working on a non-fiction book based on my blog posts over the past 9 years, there will be some poetry in that. I do plan on compiling something as I write more. I posted my poem “You Shall Not Pass” on my Patreon page. I have some others that I’m working on as well.

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