School Daze Ahead

It’s almost the end of July and the past few months have been interesting. The Nothing Without Us anthology of disability fiction is now at the last proofreading stage before layout and final pre-publication review, August 9th, all going well, I will be ordained as a Kohenet, I’m mostly recovered from the ongoing effects of the general anesthetic last November, and I’m working on figuring out Grad School funding.

One of my strengths, is also one of my weak spots. What is it? It’s being highly independent. I’ve always been extremely independent, even as a child. In many cases this can be a good thing in our society. The down side to it is that I often have difficulty asking for help. This is a problem when managing various health conditions, being trans, and being Autistic. It is even more pronounced when it comes to asking for financial help.
The bottom line is that I can’t fund school on my own. It is just way too much money.

I am waiting on confirmation of support from the school and other sources, but right now the total funded is zero. Therefore I have started a GoFundMe, Educating Talia Johnson’s Life on the Fringes, to raise the money for my first year. My plan for second year is to have access to more scholarships and funding. The GoFundMe page outlines my plans for study as well as the budgeting involved.

My Patreon is still active and any ongoing support provided there will be a great help, as would regular PayPal support. I can also receive email transfers from Canadian financial institutions.

GoFundMe Link: Educating Talia Johnson’s Life on the Fringes,

Any and all help is appreciated!

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