About Talia C. Johnson

Talia Johnson is a woman who is also trans. Talia is based in Toronto Ontario. Talia uses the pronouns “she/her.”

Talia is a noted speaker, educator, and workshop facilitator on trans issues, intimate partner violence, policy development, and bridging faith and LGBTQ+/Queer communities. She is also involved with queer activism and politics in general. If you are interested in having her facilitate a workshop, provide education, or work with your organisation please contact her.

For authors, Talia offers queer and trans sensitivity editing services to help them provide solid representation of queer and trans characters, themes, and stories. Her feedback and suggestions help authors produce works that do not fall into tired and harmful tropes.

Talia offers one-on-one coaching, counselling, and mentorship for those who are exploring their gender identity and expression as well as those who are seeking support in other aspects of life.

Talia and 'Nathan at Can*Con 2016

Talia Johnson and ‘Nathan Burgoine at Can*Con 2016

Talia is pursuing an education in a number of areas: A graduate degree bridging Judaism, mental health, and LGBTQIA+ topics, as well as ordination as a Kohenet Hebrew Priestess, and entry into rabbinical school.

In January of 2009 Talia’s journey of transition began. The intervening time has been filled with ups and downs and she has been Talia in all aspects of life since January 1, 2010. For those who know Talia in “the real world”, but did not know about this part of her past finding this site may be a bit of a surprise. Talia hopes that this blog and website will help with understanding. She is almost always willing to answer questions about her transition, experiences and faith journey, but reserves the right to decline to answer a question. Some examples of inappropriate questions for her are: Asking her what her name used to be or to see a photo of her prior to transition.


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