Coaching, Counselling, and Mentorship

Life can be challenging at the best of times. Work, school, family life all contribute to our daily stresses and challenges. Sometimes we need to talk to someone for help in getting through life’s ups and downs. Talia offers one-on-one coaching, counselling and mentorship services.

Talia also works with those exploring their gender identity and gender expression and considering what is commonly referred to as a social and / or medical transition.

Talia’s approach to coaching, counselling, and mentorship is one that is integral. Life does not happen in isolated boxes; what happens in one area of our lives has effects and implications on other aspects of life. She works to facilitate clients’ self–discovery while providing practical guidance. Transitions, whether a gender transition or another transition in life she works to help make the process a positive experience overall.

Topics that people seek coaching, counselling, and mentorship for include, but are not limited to:

  • Navigating the health care system
  • Legal name change, paperwork, identification
  • Developing confidence and comfort going out in public
  • Exploring their faith and religious practices
    • Rituals in transition to mark steps in one’s journey of life
    • Finding a supportive faith community
    • Healing from damage done by faith communities
  • Coming out
    • at work
    • to family
    • at school
    • to friends
  • Accompaniment to appointments
  • For those seeking medical transition determining if surgery is right for the person, and preparing for surgery if it is

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