Course: Writing Trans Topics and Characters

Notebook with balls of paperAre you writing a story, article, or book about or containing trans people? Wondering where to begin? Have some knowledge, but looking to learn more?

This program is designed to help authors, editors, and publishers produce quality content about, or stories that include, transgender people and characters.

No prior knowledge is assumed. The course begins with basic information about trans people and terminology used when discussing trans people, non-binary people, and gender identity.

There is an expectation that participants will engage in ongoing self-reflection as they are engaging with the readings, participating in the classes, and working on the assignments.

This is not a comprehensive course that talks about all aspects of queer, LGBTTQIA+, and trans experiences. It is a starting point from which more research and learning can grow.

There are three classes planned as a pilot, with more topics to be added based on feedback, analysis, and wider needs.


Each class will be approximately 1.5 hours and facilitated using Zoom. Time will be given during classes for discussion. There will be informal time after each class for discussion as well. For the first offering of the program classes will be every two weeks.

Class 1: Basic Information and Terminology

The first class covers essential terms, terminology, appropriate language, slurs, and disrespectful language. Terms and terminology will include medically accurate names used when referring to medical transition. Offensive language will be referred to while discussing how the language used has changed over time.

Class 2: Trapped in the Wrong Tropes

While articles, films, and stories have been present in mainstream media for many years, the topics and tropes that are portrayed have remained stagnant. In this class the narratives and stories that have become standard will be discussed along with ways to transition to more healthy stories.

Class 3: Introduction to Writing about Trans People and Writing Trans Characters

Having covered the basics, and what to avoid, we will delve into how to write healthy and respectful stories and articles about trans people who are more than their transition stories.


The cost for each class in the course is $36, if this is a barrier for you, please contact Talia to discuss options. Payment may be made with PayPal, Interac e-transfer (Canada only), or by other arrangement.

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