Queer/Trans/Autistic, Sensitivity Editing

As part of the substantive editing process, having your work vetted for correct representation of autistic, queer and particularly trans characters goes a long way toward your credibility as an author. Talia C. Johnson offers sensitivity reading and editing services in this area of expertise to help your characters leap off the page and truly reflect the realities of queer and/or trans characters.

She will check your manuscript for the following:

  • Correct terms and descriptions (for example, transgendering is not a thing)
  • Common tropes and clichés
  • Common mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Effectiveness of characters to ensure that how a character is being read matches the intention of the author

“I was concerned about being authentic in my latest novel, so I hired Talia to read it. The level of detail in her comments, within the novel and in the general write-up, was impressive and showed a thoroughness that gave me confidence. Moreover, while I had gone to Talia primarily to get an expert review of transgender authenticity, she brought up a number of other lesbian and gay tropes for me to consider. I would definitely return to Talia with other works where I was concerned about properly capturing the authenticity of experiences I can only know through research.

Derek Künsken
Asimov Award Winning short fiction writer”

Price list

These are the current standard fees for these editing services. Contact Talia for more information, or to see about flexible rates.

Short stories (up to 3,000 words): $25
Short stories (3,001-7,500 words): $50

Novelettes (7,501-17,499 words): $75
Novellas (17,500-39,000 words): $100

Novels (40 000 words and over): $100 per 40,000 words

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