Workshop Facilitation

Is your business, organization, or community struggling with issues around working with and discussing gender, LGBTQ, trans, oppression, and how best to work with people who are marginalized?

I offer workshop facilitation to assist in understanding of these issues. My knowledge and learning about these issues is both practical and theoretical going back over 25 years. I have been facilitating workshops in various settings for many years.

When planning a workshop I work with the organization to shape the workshop to meet their specific needs. Workshops range from basic information to more complex issues and practical ways of applying information and implementing best practices in the organization.

Fees are negotiable and based on the type of workshop, how long the workshop will be, and what materials and other expenses are involved in preparing for and facilitating the workshop.

For more information and to book a workshop please fill out the form below.

Questions to Ask when Planning a Workshop

The following questions will help with planning and preparing for a workshop.

  • What is the purpose of the workshop?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What is the current level of knowledge of the audience?
  • What information is to be conveyed?
  • What level of participation is anticipated from the attendees?
  • If the workshop is in a faith community how prepared is the community to address the issues?
  • Is the workshop focusing on pastoral care or more general information?
  • Will the workshop be dealing with a subject that might disturb or trigger someone participating? Will a support person be required for those who need one?

I do not reply to messages from Friday afternoon until Sunday Mornings.